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Structural Steel Manufacturing Experts

We focus at providing you with the best steel manufacturing services on the market.

We excel in projects such as:

  • Heavy commercial, institutional and industrial
  • Truss (standard and outsized)
  • Miscellaneous steel
  • WWF Beam any length and up to 20 tons

Here are three good reasons to trust us:

Acier Fortin - Rapidité et moindre coût

No challenge too big

  • We use modern equipment to ensure superior accuracy
  • We use 20 gantries covering 100% of our facilities and we can handle items weighing up to 25 tonnes
  • We have developed manufacturing processes that insure a high quality output and a high productivity level
  • With efficient project management techniques, we can manage any project, small or large, from the simplest to the most complex

Acier Fortin - Équipe dynamique

No more costly worksite repairs

Everyone is aware of the challenge of maintaining and keeping talent. Fortin Steel has done just that. We have assembled a team of experienced, dedicated, motivated and skilled people. This team has handled highly complex projects within exceptionally short deadlines.

We guarantee superior fabrication quality at all times. This eliminates costly repairs at the worksite.

Acier Fortin - Respect du délai de livraison

We always meet your deadlines

We can increase the tempo or we can temporarily store manufactured components. It’s up to you.

Fortin Steel, the solution to your manufacturing challenges!

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