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Higher Productivity

We are well aware that speed of execution, competitive pricing and quality manufacturing are the key factors in subcontractor selection. We believe that the best way to meet these factors is to deliver a higher level of productivity. To achieve this, we stress three essential components of our work:

Acier Fortin - Productivité supérieure - Équipe chevronée

An experienced team

The quality of our work depends largely on our personnel’s skill and judgement. Our team has the experience and training to get the most out of our equipment. Together, we are ready for the toughest manufacturing challenges.

Acier Fortin - Productivité supérieure - Bons Équipements

The right equipment

Year after year, we invest in new equipment that makes our work quicker and ever more accurate. This keeps us at the forefront in handling the largest and most complex projects within the narrowest of timeframes.

Acier Fortin - Productivité supérieure - Suivi constant

Constant monitoring

We closely monitor every stage of production, so that we can react quickly to any situation liable to delay delivery. Our preventive maintenance procedure optimizes our manufacturing times and avoids delays. Our quality control ensures an end product that always meets your expectations.

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